Thule Touring
  Touring 100 Touring 200 Touring 600 Touring 700
Volume (l) 330 l 400 l 300 l 430 l
Length (cm) 139 cm 175 cm 190 cm 232 cm
Width (cm) 90 cm 82 cm 63 cm 70 cm
Height (cm) 40 cm 45 cm 39 cm 42 cm
capacity (kg)
50 kg 50 kg 50 kg 50 kg
Weight (kg) 10 kg 13 kg 12 kg 15 kg
FastClick FastClick FastClick FastClick
Box opening Dual-Side Dual-Side Single-Side Dual-Side
Foldable for
 easy storage
No No No No
Central lock Yes Yes Yes Yes
Load capacity
No 5-7 4-6 4-6
Load capacity
No 4-5 3-4 4-5
Max length
 of skis (cm)
No 155 175 220
Ski carrier No Adapter Required Adapter Required Adapter Required
Fits WingBar Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fits SlideBar Adapter Required Adapter Required Adapter Required Adapter Required
Fits AeroBar Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fits SquareBar Yes Yes Yes Yes
TÜV/GS approved Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fulfils City
 Crash norm
Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Touring 780
Volume (l) 420 l
Length (cm) 196 cm
Width (cm) 78 cm
Height (cm) 43 cm
Load capacity (kg) 50 kg
Weight (kg) 15 kg
Mounting system FastClick
Box opening Dual-Side
Foldable for easy storage No
Central lock Yes
Load capacity Skis 5-7
Load capacity Snowboards 4-5
Max length of skis (cm) 180
Ski carrier Adapter Required
Fits WingBar Yes
Fits SlideBar Adapter Required
Fits AeroBar Yes
Fits SquareBar Yes
TÜV/GS approved Yes
Fulfils City Crash norm Yes

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Thule Touring

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Thule Touring Thule Touring Thule Touring Thule Touring Thule Touring
Thule Touring